This page helps me keep track of all the things I’m learning right now, in addition to things I want to learn at some point, usually in the form of blog posts, talks, or courses. The latter is entirely contained in the Inbox.

Now / In Progress

  • Build Log: Personal Browsing History Graph (Hands-On)
  • Implementing Raft (Hands-On)
  • On the Expressive Power of Programming Languages
  • Spectre Attacks: Exploiting Speculative Execution (Paper)
  • What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory (Paper)
  • Notes

    I’ve found that writing up summaries of (primarily but not limited to) technical content I consume helps me engage with the content better. Here’s a single listing of all the notes I’ve taken since I started doing this, with a few recent entries below:


    This is a wiki, knowledge base, or digital garden containing TILs and other (typically tiny) things I’ve learned about. Here’s the full wiki listing, with a few recent entries below:


    I use rssx to implement a barebones feed-reader on top of this static site. Here’s the full, combined feed.